• The IRIE Classroom Toolbox

    The IRIE Classroom Toolbox is a school-based, violence prevention programme for early childhood teachers. The toolbox is appropriate for teachers of aged 3-8 years. The Toolbox provides teachers with a variety of tools to use when interacting with and teaching young children.

    For Teachers

    To increase teachers’ use of appropriate behaviour management strategies.

    To reduce teachers’ use of harsh
    discipline practices.

    To increase teacher self-efficacy.

    To reduce teacher burn-out.

    To improve teachers’ relationships with parents.

    For Individual Children

    To decrease behaviour problems.

    To increase social-emotional competence.

    To increase self-regulation.

    To increase school readiness skills.

    For the Classroom

    To decrease children’s inappropriate behaviour

    To increase children’s prosocial and co-operative behaviour

    To improve the quality of the classroom environment

    The IRIE Classroom Toolbox consists of 4 modules:

    Creating an Emotionally Supportive Classroom Environment

    • Building positive relationships
    • Using praise and rewards
    • Interactive reading

    Managing Child Behaviour

    • Preventing behaviour problems
    • Managing misbehaviour
    • Games to promote self- regulation skills

    Promoting Social and Emotional Competence

    • Teaching friendship skills
    • Understanding and managing emotions
    • Problem-solving stories

    Behaviour Planning

    • Individual behaviour planning
    • Classwide behaviour planning

    How it's delivered

    The Toolbox is a teacher-training programme that is implemented over one school year with participating teachers.

    Training involves the following activities:

    • Training workshops
    • Monthly in-class support & coaching
    • Practical assignments with feedback
    • Resource pack with all of the materials required to implement the program

    Complete IRIE Classroom Tools Book

    This is a 152 page teacher manual giving the description, example and rationale underpinning each ‘tool’ in the IRIE Classroom Toolbox. The manual is divided into 4 main modules; 1) Creating an Emotionally Supportive Classroom Environment, 2) Managing Child Behaviour, 3) Promoting Social & Emotional Competence, 4) Behaviour Planning

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