• The IRIE Classroom Toolbox is a school-based, violence prevention programme for early childhood teachers.

    Aims of the IRIE Classroom Toolbox:

    For Teachers

    To increase teachers’ use of appropriate behaviour management strategies.

    To reduce teachers’ use of harsh
    discipline practices.

    To increase teacher self-efficacy.

    To reduce teacher burn-out.

    To improve teachers’ relationships with parents.

    For the Classroom

    To decrease children’s inappropriate behaviour.

    To increase children’s prosocial and co-operative behaviour.

    To improve the quality of the classroom environment.

    For Individual Children

    To decrease behaviour problems.

    To increase social-emotional competence.

    To increase self-regulation.

    To increase school readiness skills.

    The IRIE Classroom Toolbox Consists of 4 Modules:

    Creating an Emotionally Supportive Classroom Environment

    • Building positive relationships
    • Using praise and rewards
    • Interactive reading

    Managing Child Behaviour

    • Preventing behaviour problems
    • Managing misbehaviour
    • Games to promote self-regulation skills

    Promoting Social and Emotional Competence

    • Teaching friendship skills
    • Understanding and managing emotions
    • Problem-solving stories

    Behaviour Planning

    • Individual behaviour planning
    • Classwide behaviour planning

    How it Works:

    The IRIE Classroom Toolbox is a teacher-training programme that is implemented over one school year with participating teachers.

    Training involves the following activities:

    • Training workshops
    • Monthly in-class support
    • Practical assignments with feedback

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